Thursday, December 17, 2009

Social Security CF

So, Ive been trying to get on Social Security for almost a year now. I spent an hour or two on the phone with them this morning trying to find out any information on where my appeals are at. I finally got through to someone and they said they should have an answer by February. February. Seriously, why does everything with these people take 6 months? how the hell am i supposed to make it another 3 months with no income?

I have doctors (plural) stating I cant work and should be on Social Security Disability. I need help. Those of us with CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia don't fit the governments tidy little metrics and all we can do is fight. I am probably one more step away from winning benefits I PAID INTO for the last 15 years. Good thing the Govt wants to run healthcare. They are completely inept at what they do already, hey lets give them more! schmucks. Most dangerous words you'll ever hear-"I'm from the Government and I'm here to help!"

Sorry, rant over. I'll try to stay off politics in this blog.

Im feeling pretty decent today. Upset with SS, but physically not a bad day. Walked the dogs around the block and its a pretty nice day today. Wish I could go ride my bikes like I used to. someday, someday.

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  1. Hey James. Trying to get disability is very stressful, right? Keep at it and you will get it. I just started receiving it a couple of months ago. I got denied the first time.

    I sooo know how you feel about missing activity. I actually get jealous when i see someone out jogging or riding a bike....